Winks Meadow Nature Reserve


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Winks Meadow is rich in wild flowers. It supports a wide range of plants characteristic of ancient unimproved grassland including a number of species that are scarce in Suffolk such as: spiny restharrow, sulphur clover and quaking grass as well as several species of orchid.

The first to flower in late spring and early summer are twayblade, early-purple and green-winged orchid. Later in the summer common spotted, bee, and pyramidal orchid appear. To maintain the diversity of wild flowers, the meadow is either summer grazed or cut for hay, followed by aftermath grazing.

The hedge surrounding the meadow complements the grassland. The many shrub species include spindle, field maple and dogwood and its dense structure makes it excellent nesting habitat. The hedges are maintained by trimming or coppicing, which encourages dense regrowth. Winks Meadow is owned and cared for by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Plantlife generously supported its purchase.



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