Flag Display – Norfolk Day

The history of Norfolk Day can be claimed to begin over 300,000 years ago when the first humans walked on the soil that is now known as Norfolk.  However, the actual Norfolk day is much more recent as an annual celebration on July 27th since 2018.

The modern history of Norfolk began as a province of the Roman Empire, became part of the Kingdom of the East Angles, then the Earldom of Harold I of England, and then settled as part of England in the Middle Ages. Throughout this period Norfolk was one of the most important markets and agricultural areas in the country and is home to a number of English heroes.

Norfolk day and an appreciation of Norfolk starts by studying the history of Norfolk and understanding why this beautiful land is worthy of a day of its very own. Hundreds of thousands of years of human history come together with thousands of years of cultural and technological advancement to create one of the most iconic regions in England. Norfolk remains one of the most beautiful and photogenic areas in England and draws thousands of tourists every year to enjoy its austere beauty.

There will be a display of flags in the town centre to celebrate Norfolk Day.

The Flag Force team within Harleston’s Future runs an annual programme of flag displays in the town centre. Making use of the holders for the Christmas trees above shops along the main streets, these provide a continual use for an otherwise once a year display. The programme has been so successful it has encouraged other towns to follow the lead. Come and see the original and largest annual display of flags. You could even try and visit Harleston and see each flag display during the whole year. Great fun for children of all ages.

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Jul 27 2023


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Harleston, Norfolk


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