Flag Display – Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is the annual opportunity for us all to come together in recognition and celebration of the wonderful service provided by our regular and reservist soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, past and present, and the families that have supported them in turn.

Harleston Town Council signed up to a pledge to support our armed forces, more details can be found on our Armed Forces Covenant page.


Armed Forces day was formerly known as Veterans’ Day.  Plans were first announced in February 2006 by then-Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, who said the aim was to ensure the contribution of veterans was never forgotten. The day is marked across the UK by local ceremonies and the presentation of medals to living ex-servicemen and women. The date of 27 June was chosen as it came the day after the anniversary of the first investiture of the Victoria Cross, in Hyde Park, London in 1857.

Armed Forces Day generally focuses on celebrating living current and ex servicemen and women, whereas Remembrance Day focuses on honouring the dead.

There will be a display of flags in the town centre to celebrate the Armed Forces Day.

The Flag Force team within Harleston’s Future runs an annual programme of flag displays in the town centre. Making use of the holders for the Christmas trees above shops along the main streets, these provide a continual use for an otherwise once a year display. The programme has been so successful it has encouraged other towns to follow the lead. Come and see the original and largest annual display of flags. You could even try and visit Harleston and see each flag display during the whole year. Great fun for children of all ages.

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Jun 24 2023


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